What Inspired Me To Write My Novel!

i was inspired to write my fantasy novel by the idea that elves were not just pointy eared humans.
from this idea the character Eloo a cat like woman was born.
then i imagined her lover Kye a werewolf.
then i had to invent a story wurvy of these great characters!
what i came up with was the awakening of magic

About christianboustead

I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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6 Responses to What Inspired Me To Write My Novel!

  1. I just reviewed your site but saw only other authors. Then I found a post you wrote about your novels. I read your bio, which said you are a published author, which is impressive enough, but also that you are blind. I cannot imagine the difficulty of life without sight. That is amazing, so congratulations and continued success. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog.

  2. …and following A Dude Abikes too, Christian!

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