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The Alchemist – Book Review

Originally posted on Books and Mor:
I don’t generally review these kinds of books on my blog, but I’ve got a lot of motivational and success book I’ve read that I’m going to share because I think that they are…

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Introducing Author J. L. Stowers and her book The Cost of Survival.

Behind The Cost of Survival The Cost of Survival is a science fiction thriller exploring the dark side of human nature from a world on the brink of destruction. Author J. L. Stowers asks the question, “What if humankind could … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

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“We don’t really know what we’re dealing with,” she murmured to her brother. “But it’s something, isn’t it?” Vincent said. “Something inside of us. I know our mother wants us to pretend we’re like everyone…

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black CATastrophy Writing Prompt 12: The Snake

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The snake waited patiently in the grass, waiting to strike. Writing Prompt Rules What’s a blog for writers without routine prompts to get those creative juices flowing? If you’d like to be a part of…

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Echo 3 gets a 5-star on Amazon!

Originally posted on Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha:
sk’DOOMIETHOOMIE!  I wake up and see that the Amaze-O Siobhan has left Echo 3 five stars on Amazon!!!  That’s a hyOOOOGGGEEE favor for indie authors like yours truly!  Thank You So Much Siobhan!!!  🙂…

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Book Quote Corner – The Heart of Worlds

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Living In Your Killer’s Head

Originally posted on Didi Oviatt:
With the preference of first person writing comes a strange and sometimes overwhelming character absorption. In other words – you can’t just portray the image of your character, you actually have to become that person in thought.…

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