Dragon Games Is Back

my fantasy book Dragon games
the second book in my wereding chronicles series is back.
this is a second addition because, despite attempts to edit the book before publication it was brought to my attention by a kind reader that there were several errors which hopefully have been corrected.
happy reading!

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Authors Want Your Books Pushed And Promoted?

authors do your books pushed and promoted?
well if you indi authors do then i suggest you become a member of rave reviews book club.
so what are you waiting for
if you need an added incentive today 22 February until 11.59 CT the membership fee is $20.
so get signed up and if you do put me as your referer thank you!

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Review Of Subnormal By S Kenion.

as a disabled person i found this briliant book
scary as i would probably end up in the Zone. i found Paul:s point of view fasinating in its way it was the best part of the book! however i am not sure if i like the end so i gave it three stars!

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Book Review: The Most Dangerous Place On Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

Read Voraciously

Intention was one thing; it was the smallest decisions that made any difference.

The Most Dangerous Place On Earthby Lindsey Lee Johnson is apoignant and solidly written examination of the private lives of a group of entitled, unaware teenagers and eager teachers at a wealthy, suburban high school. It begins with a group of seemingly perfect middle school kids as they begin to set the ranks within their group- who is in and who is out. A note and the bullying of the boy that wrote it highlights the quantity of and effect of cyber-bullying that many kids endure.

From then on, Tristan spent his lunch periods outside, walking the edge of the schoolyard where asphalt crumbled into marshland. He kept his head bowed, and when he came back inside, his ankles were purpled with mud. Nobody bullied him at school. Nobody minded him at all. And every afternoon…

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Should You Write a Fancy Outline for Your Novel?

A Writer's Path


by Jean M. Cogdell

Maybe- Maybe not.

It’s your book, you make the rules.

Different strokes for different folks. Me, I’m trying to be more organized in my writing this year. Only time will tell if I’m successful. LOL

However, I find outlining is a bit of a mystery.

Outlining an unwritten book is weird because you don’t know what will happen. It’s not the same as outlining a book read for a class assignment. No the formal process of outlining a book idea is as foreign to me as Spanish or French. I know just enough to embarrass myself.

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The Technical Aspects of Writing Dragons

A Writer's Path


by Whitney Carter

Writing dragons is a popular topic here at Invisible Ink, and one of my personal favorites. We’ve talked about general tips for writing them and some of the common types, and today I want to look at some of the more technical aspects of writing these mythical creatures. My number one piece of advice when writing dragons – or any other creature, for that matter – though? Ask the writer. ; -)

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The Female of the Species – Playlist

Thrice Read

I’m a bit behind on reading (yeah I know, what’s new?) so I thought today would be a great day for another playlist.

My most recent read was The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis. You’ll see a discussion post on it in about two weeks, but until then I can give you an idea of how I felt reading the book with my own playlist.

I did another playlist on a Mindy McGinnis book (A Madness So Discreet) a few months ago and still to this day listen to it. Something about McGinnis’s books makes me want to create playlists.

So, The Female of the Species is centered around girls fighting back and recognizing that boys can be jerks. I absolutely loved that about it, which is why my playlist is centered around just that. Also, who can deny angry girl rock?

Enjoy and let me know if you…

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