To Email List Or Not Email List!

a simple question do emailing lists work?
i am thinking about using them but i have doubts!
please leave a coment.

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C’s Down the TBR Hole #1

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Originally posted on Thrice Read:
So, with life taking all of my attention away from books currently, I figured now was as good of a time as any to start the Down the TBR Hole tag! I’ve seen this on…

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Life in the IAS

The Review Author

81XDIbEmeTL.jpgAuthor – Ram Varma

Rating – 4.5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 342

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Life in the IAS…… My encounter with the three Lals of Haryana is a part memoir, part biography of Haryana, a North Indian state of India surrounding New Delhi on three sides, forming the northern, western and southern borders of Delhi. The State shares its capital city Chandigarh with Punjab and is one of the wealthiest states of India and has the third highest per capita income in the country.

Haryana was born on 1 November 1966, carved out of the former state of East Punjab on a linguistic basis. The author was then transferred to Haryana and watched this fledgling state grow from a poor resource less state to a progressive, front ranking one during his tenure in various capacities. The book pivots its central narrative around the portrayal of the three…

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Three Things It Takes To Be An Indie Author

i am about to list three things that an independant author needs to get somewhere!
these are only my opinion so they are not written in stone but they are based on my experience!
one: a good book. ok this sounds like a nonstarter and a nobrainer but if your book is not well written or well edited it will come back to bite you trust me on this! you will get bad reviews!
two: time and or dedication! time to not only write the book but time-dedication to proofread and edit for the sixth time! you really should invest in a editor. you also need to wait once you have published the book because, your book is unlikely to be a success over night but if you wait long enough readers will come! though it does help if you advertise!
three: which brings me to the third point you need to tell people about your book! readers will not buy read or review your book if they do not know about it! this does not mean that you need to spend huge amounts though the more you invest the greater the return but you can use your social network local paper etc. so long as you let them know it is out there!
these are the points that i feel can help new writers! if you can think of more or disogree with these then please leave a coment.

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Meet Author, John Howell, on the Watch #RWISA Write tour! @HowellWave #RRBC

Natalie Ducey

As a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and Rave Writers – International Society Of Authors (RWISA), it’s with much joy that I’m able to showcase fellow members throughout the month of August on the Watch RWISA Write tour!

I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate fabulous writers and their contributions to the writing community.


Today, I’m honoured to shine the spotlight on fellow RWISA member, John Howell!

Last Night

By John W. Howell © 2017

John W. Howell

So, with nothing better to do, I figure I’ll stop at Jerry’s place and grab a couple of drinks and a burger. Usually, I don’t go there on Saturday night since there’s a crapload of amateurs taking up what would be considered prime space. I figure since this is a Friday and close to Saturday, it may be packed, but not as crazy as Saturday. It’s the kind of place where everyone…

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11 Insights on Finding a Writing Voice Readers Take Seriously [SlideShare]

Words Can Inspire the World

Check this out: ’11 Insights on Finding a Writing Voice Readers Take Seriously [SlideShare]’ –

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10 Ways to Improve Your Writing

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