Short stories and poetry?


i wrote coolection inspired by H P Lovecraft. AlWether i sucseeded you tell me?
because of this i put in poetry. i got mixed reviewes. some said that they loved them. others said that they felt that the short stories and poems should be in seperet books.
what do you think?

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14 Things to Do When You’re Struggling to Write

Novelty Revisions

1. Watch your favorite movie or a short episode of a T.V. show you like.

2. Make some food. Let your brain think while you cook.

3. Browse an online bookstore. (Don’t do this if you’re prone to purchasing massive quantities of literature when you shouldn’t — not that I know what that’s like or anything.)

4. Check out the NYT Bestseller List. Just because.

5. Hop on the writing prompt train. Write a few really random things that have nothing to do with what you’re actually trying to write.

6. Paint something. Color with crayons. It’s not childish, it’s FUN.

7. Avoid time evaporators like Twitter. You might think they’ll inspire you, but they usually won’t.

8. Move your writing apparatus(es) to a different location.

9. Indulge in your distraction … but for only five minutes. Sometimes satisfying the urge only takes a moment.

10. Spend 15 minutes writing…

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What You Might Get Out Of My Fantasy Book!

telling readers what they get out of my book feels a little wrong!

but i am not telling you how you should read! i am attempting to explain what i as a writer hope the reader gains from reading this book!

first of all i hope they enjoy the book! but that is not what i would like the reader to get though of course that is a big thing i do want them to get! i hope they understand that this book is more than just a fantasy, it is the first book in a series of stories set against a backdrop of a battle between the different races.

the book is intended to track an epic trip through a land of myth and magic. where people explore magic and the price that must be paid for using it!

please read and enjoy!

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5 Tips for Writing Magic & Superpowers

Words Can Inspire the World


Magic/Superpowers are awesome and can be fun to write for, but there is a lot of room for problems if you don’t plan ahead of time. I provided some tips below to help you avoid them.

1. Superpowers/Magic: Yes or No?
When should I include magic or superpowers in my story?

Ask yourself this: Would the story and characters be the same without magic/superpowers?

If you answered yes, then magic/superpowers doesn’t serve a purpose in your story. It should be removed or adjusted to where it furthers the characters or plot. When magic/superpowers doesn’t cause any conflict or affect the characters, it’s like having a pointless fight scene. It’s meant to look cool and keep the reader interested, but guess what, it’s pointless and a waste of effort. Readers will notice that magic/superpowers doesn’t serve a purpose to the story and the author only included it…to include it. If…

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NaNoWriMo 2017: Midway Survival


It’s the half-way mark already for this year’s National Novel Writing Month, and I want to add some more cheers for all of you tackling this amazing challenge.  Here are a few re-blogs to help you on your way; some reminders and some new angles on getting that wordcount to keep soaring:


Shay Writes: How to Survive NaNoWriMo

Invisible World: How to Survive NaNoWriMo

The Merry Writer: Surviving NaNoWriMo; A Guide to a Late Starter

Oh how I wish I could express how much I would like to be taking part right now.  Hopefully next year! You have all been reminding how much fun it is once the dust settles.

Have you seen any other posts helping you through this tricky stretch of National Novel Writing Month?


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Introducing Ann Richardson and her book Wise Before Their Time.

“As Powerful As Any Great Classic Of Fiction”

So said Sir Ian McKellen in his Foreword to my book. And it is.
Do you remember the terrible times of AIDS and HIV in the 1980s and 1990s? If not, are you curious to learn what it was like for those diagnosed?
Wise Before their Time, first published in 1992, shows in moving detail what it was like to live with HIV/AIDS when there was no real treatment for this life-threatening illness. It tells the true stories of over forty young men and women from all over the world, attending an international conference of people with HIV and AIDS in London in 1991.
I have added a new cover and a short introduction to the new version, but the book remains essentially the same.
These were very young people (most were in their twenties and thirties) having to cope with an unexpectedly shortened life span.
They describe the difficulties of telling their parents, friends and partners of their diagnosis, while trying to cope with the day-to-day problems of staying healthy, keeping in work and supporting their friends.
They all experienced enormous stigma, blame and guilt because of the disease. This can be seen in all kinds of ways ¬– from small things, like an Irishman being disappointed that friends did not want him to play with their child, to larger ones, such as man being placed alone in an isolation hospital in Goa for some months with no help.
They all knew others who had died. And one mother tells the story of the death of her toddler.
Yet this is in no way a struggle to read. It is touching, it is enlightening and it is sometimes funny. But most of all, there is virtually no self-pity. On the contrary, the participants were committed to celebrating the joys of life to the full. Which is why I chose the title – they were, genuinely, wise before their time.
For more information or to buy:

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Throwback Thursday: 19 Self-Editing Tips For Your Writing

A Writer's Path

Throwback Thursday is a series where we take a look back at some of AWP’s most popular posts. Enjoy!

by Jacqui Murray

Now that I’ve published my first novel, To Hunt a Sub, I can say from experience that writing it and editing it took equally long periods of time (and marketing is just as involved). After finishing the final rough draft (yeah, sure) and before emailing it to an editor, I wanted it as clean possible. I searched through a wide collection of self-editing books like these:

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