Don’t Forget About Your Story’s Setting

Novelty Revisions

In school we were taught setting matters.

Where your story takes place ends up its own character. Sort of.

Yet it’s so easy to focus on our characters and the tragic things we’re putting them through and forget to give enough attention to the where.

Take a second to think about the most significant moment in your life.

It could be the event that brought you the most joy, the most pain, the most redemption. Anything.

Notice how you don’t just remember the thing that happened. You also remember where it happened.

The room where it happened — you never forget that.

Because that location is part of your life’s story. The same way every location in your book’s plot should also be as memorable as the characters who interact within it.

If you can take a scene in your story, transplant it into a completely different setting, and nothing…

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Top Five Wednesday – Books Featuring Paranormal Creatures

Thrice Read

Hello everyone!

It’s Wednesday and like usual, I haven’t finished the book that I’m looking to review next. However, I thought I would give you guys a top five Wednesday.

This week was a hard one. The topic is books featuring a paranormal character of my choice. What makes this difficult is that I really didn’t know five books for any single paranormal character. Hence the “paranormal creatures” title.

Anyway, I had fun with this weeks top five. If you also want to participate in Top Five Wednesday’s you can join the group on Goodreads and keep up with the weekly updates.

Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

This is Dennard’s lesser known series that came out before Truthwitch. I love it. I didn’t read the series until after Truthwitch, but I fell in love with the characters and the world that Dennard created. Also, zombies in…

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Free-For-All Friday – Multiple Reads

Thrice Read

A few months ago, Jenn talked about the many different reading styles. In her post she outlined the ways all of us here at Thrice Read read.

For example, Jenn refers to herself as a marathon reader, which is someone that will finish books in one sitting. Caitlynn’s a pleasure reader, which means she reads one book at a time and takes her time on it.

And then there’s me.

Caitlynn and Jenn have something in common in that they don’t typically read more than one book at a time.

I, on the other hand, am always reading at least three different books at once.

There are reasons for this. The most important being that I get bored. I can be reading a book that I absolutely love, and I’ll feel that itch to start another book. Part of this comes from being impatient because I’m the slowest reader…

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Hogwarts Rejection Letter

Flash 365


Dear Muggle,

It is time to stop waiting for our letter.

We know that you’ve been spending too much time staring at pictures of owls, taxidermy owls, people with exceptionally large eyes, and owls themselves; it makes them uncomfortable.

We know that when you get Chinese food, you open your chopsticks and whisper spells to yourself while waving one of them around even though when your food comes, you use a fork. It’s culturally insensitive.

We know that you’ve been writing and rewriting a letter to J.K. Rowling in the hopes that she will put in a good word for you, she won’t. Please burn it.

We know that when you see a snake, you hiss things to it, it’s embarrassing. That’s why she left you.

I know this might all sound a bit harsh but, we wanted to write this letter to you because we feel it is our…

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Flash Fiction A-Z: K is for…

Stories from the Heart

This is a series of very short stories, under 100 words, that include the chosen word.  Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

K is for… Kiss

Alex walked towards me, looking straight ahead.  Without stopping or glancing my way, he sailed straight past my desk.

My eyes were so fixed on him that I turned completely on my seat, watching him vanish through the door.

Ever since we had a moment, he’d tried his best to avoid me.  Maybe he was embarrassed, not knowing how I felt.

Unable to take it any longer, I leap to my feet and take chase.  When I burst through the stairwell door, he’s there.  I don’t hesitate, throwing my arms around him and claiming the kiss I’ve longed for.

(99 words)


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Book Quote Corner – River of Teeth

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With Malice by Eileen Cook – Book Review

Thrice Read

“It doesn’t matter what’s true—what matters is what people believe.” ―Eileen Cook,With Malice


It was the perfect trip…until it wasn’t.

Eighteen-year-old Jill Charron wakes up in a hospital room, leg in a cast, stitches in her face and a big blank canvas where the last six weeks should be. She discovers she was involved in a fatal car accident while on a school trip in Italy. A trip she doesn’t even remember taking. She was jetted home by her affluent father in order to receive quality care. Care that includes a lawyer. And a press team. Because maybe the accident…wasn’t an accident.

As the accident makes national headlines, Jill finds herself at the center of a murder investigation. It doesn’t help that the media is portraying her as a sociopath who killed her bubbly best friend, Simone, in a jealous rage. With the evidence mounting against…

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