WIP Extract

this an unedited extract from my WIP (Work In Progress), Dark Tide Rising which is the third book in the Wereding Chronicles!

“The being called the White Wolf Tristen Silverbrow stood on a high place and looked out to see the dawn. The wind whipped his long snowy mane about his bestial face, making it flow across his dark green eyes, which in the right light occasionally dleamed a feral yellow as though their colour was fluctuating. He gazed down from his eyrie in the citadel of the Twins and looked on the wasteland which was his duty to protect and guard. As his eyes changed and his large nostrils flared a look of anger flashed from behind his impassive mask. “The Darkling tide is rising to beat upon our sure,” he said, in a whisper of a voice which still rung through the stillness of the predawn like the rumble of thunder far off.
From behind him there came a deep purr of a voice sounding like a cat growling. “And will they sweep us away or break upon our shores?”
An animalistic snarl broke from his lips and his eyes blazed with a yellow fire, as if a flame had flared up inside him. “The storm is gathering, we must stand to meet it.”
The storm is gathering my love because, i sumnon it,” said the purr, a tall woman with waist long white hair stepped into the light her eyes flashing like lightning against black thunder heads. The glimmer of a smile might have curled his lip at this, and then his face returned to its stern mask. “As i was saying the storm is coming and we will meet it if i have to draw the kings myself!”
“And will we stand or fall my love?”
“Only time will tell.”
“i will be beside you,” the woman said, and stepping up behind her lover and throwing her arms around him.
“In that case i shouldn:t wory!”
“Then there is still hope?” Her whisper in his ear, forced a deep growl from him. Though weather it was an expression of anger or lust was hard to tell.
(C) Copyright Christian Boustead 22/06/2018.
if you want to learn more about the Wereding Chronicles then go here:

About christianboustead

I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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