The world of my books

this post aims to explain the world in which my Wereding Chronicles is set.
the books are set in a possible future in which the previous culture has been destroyed and mankind is a shadow of what he was! though he may be looking to reclaim some of the lands they lost to the Weredings?
the weredings are all the magical creatures from myth elves, werewolves, trolls and dragons that came out of the shadows when man was culled.
as man shrank and left the land the Weredings claimed and now they poses the north and man has the south seperated by a wasteland the two sides live an uneasy peace, but can it last?
want to see the books then go here:

About christianboustead

I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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