One day a year ~ lest we forget…

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The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, is marked by nations around the globe, usually in as part of Remembrance/Armistice/Veterans memorial day, but in particular to mark the end of fighting on the Western Front of The Great War on the time and date that the peace accords were signed in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France. I’m deliberately referring to WW1 as ‘The Great War’ in this context, because its Armistice marked the end of devastating fighting and massive mortality amongst the military and civilians that literally changed the world, politically, socially, economically and, most of all, psychologically.

Although WW2 exceeded the total number of global fatalities in The Great War, in Europe it was rightly seen as ‘the war to end all wars’ because 60 of the 70 million people killed were Europeans. It literally wiped out a generation of young men in continental Europe and Great…

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I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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  1. Jan Hawke says:

    Thanks so much for the reblog, Christian! 😀

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