The word count for the rough draft of Echo 4: The Last Edge of Darkness.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Echo 4, rough draft word count:  354,851.  98 chapters.  Simply plugging the word counts into my TI-84 (just from experience and personal preference, I keep my chapters in separate word docs) took 40 minutes.

Holy.  Balls.

Here’s the kicker:  I haven’t written the intro detailing “the story so far,” and I completely forgot to write this beast-ass action scene inspired by Moon Knight’s fight in his weight room (from Charlie Huston’s epic run).  So I gotta add those in, and when I do, the manuscript will probably be close to 360,000 words.  That is WELL over a thousand pages.

I gotta cut this thing down.

I’m hoping to slice it to AT LEAST 200k words, hopefully closer to 150k.  But I kinda see this as karma—I made the first book short and used the excuse of “I’m hewing to the arc of the character” and now the last book is…

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