I like writing I do not like editing

it is true when it flows and the writers blog stays away i love writing!
but when it comes to rading back to check for mistakes i hate it!
yes i know its necessary but i do not have to like it!
yes i know what your thinking why don’t i let an editor do it?
well i have used an editor for my first novel the awakening of magic
but before i did i edited it as well as i could because i felt i owed it to the book and myself to do as much as i could to give the editors a good book which they would just clean up. it did not quite turn out like that but the point still stands edit even when using editor!
i give these words as advice when it comes to writing no size fits all. you should do what works for you!!!

About christianboustead

I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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