Do you suffer from a fear of words?

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Do you see your story in pictures or words?

Then you might be a visual writer.

After reading Nancy Friedman‘s post, I’m convinced. I’m a visual writer. Because I see glimpses of a story and then proceed to put the things I see into words. Not always an easy feat.

Writing pictures into words can be a problem if the writer has a fear of words.

I’m bad to write, in short, clipped sentences often failing to describe in detail what I want the reader to understand. Not good. So, I’m going to work on writing a little more prosaic.

If you ever find yourself at a loss for words? 

You might be a visual writer.

If you ever have trouble with “what comes next” in a scene?

You might be a visual writer.

If you have trouble writing specific descriptions and hope the reader “gets it?”

You might be a visual…

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About christianboustead

I am a 34 old male who has been blind form the age of 11 years however, I don't let that get in the way of life.
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